Screen Prints Need To Be Appreciated More

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A long way to go, sir, please be patient. Readers, when last have you heard that polite response. In a hurry to get the job done and delivered on time, you might have been tempted to make those enquiries. Nothing wrong with that, you are the customer, after all, and you do have those rights. Most of the time when there have been delays and hiccups, fortunately they will be rare, it is down to tardiness and incompetence, and the like.

And without any further ado, irate customers with all the patience in the world, simply dust themselves off and move on to the next service provider. Could happen a lot in the printing services industries. Has happened a lot in plenty other industries.

And with the fast-paced advancements made with digital technologies it can be all too easy for today’s online customers to take the work for granted. Many customers out there remain pretty demanding. Some of them even want jobs completed ‘yesterday’. Now is not the time and place to debate why some customers are like this.

They’re under a lot of pressure, and it’s got nothing to do with the service delivery. And if you’re in the service delivery space yourself, you’ll perhaps stick to the mantra that the customer is always right. You might even begin to appreciate that a proper screen printing chicago il job will be taking a lot longer to complete than those that rely solely on digitec. You see, a lot of the work still gets done by hand.

And no, these chaps that work the screens with a variety of inks, getting their hands dirty on your behalf, are not behind the times. This is artwork, people, and when you’re the beneficiary of it, you will appreciate it.