The Different Parts of a Laundry Machine

commercial laundry parts

Washing machines are really cool, and provide a vital service to humans, but how do they work? Most people discover their ignorance when they encounter a problem with the machine and are unable to fix it. In order to combat this, here are the basic commercial laundry parts that every machine will have, no matter what type your machine is.

First, the machine has a water pump, which moves the water necessary for washing clothes into the machine and also takes the excess water out when it comes time for the machine to be drained. The drums of the machine (you can only see one) are the tubs that hold the clothes. The inner one that you see is where you dump your load of laundry before starting the machine, and the outer tub is what holds the water when it is not being used by the pump.

You’ll also see that the inner drum has paddles that allow for the clothes to be moved around during the wash. If the paddles didn’t exist, then the clothes would just move near the bottom of the machine and when they did move up, they’d fall back because of gravity. The paddles catch the clothes and ensure they move around for longer distances to allow the soap to get into them and remove the dirt particles.

The last thing you’d need to know about is the printed circuit board, which is the piece of electronics that controls the machine and allows it to operate. Once you have a better idea of the washing machine basics, then you can figure out what’s wrong and get the problem fixed quickly. It’s amazing what a little understanding and some elbow grease can do, but you might even be able to fix the machine yourself!